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Tevva Motors takes a further step towards developing clean urban freight transport with the acquisition of Vayon Energy Storage.

Tevva Motors is continuing to strengthen its position as a developer of clean technology products for urban freight transport as it announces the acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of Vayon Energy Storage Ltd.

Tevva’s position at the leading edge of electric truck technology is already well established; based on a range of innovative clean technologies providing intelligent and autonomous range extender operations that remove ‘range anxiety’ from the traditional electric truck. Now, Tevva adds the high tech management of battery systems to its portfolio of propriety EV technology.

Battery technology – critical to clean truck technology

Battery Management Systems are an essential part of the design and operation of any EV battery pack, performing critical functions affecting both the range provided by the battery and the overall battery life.

The Tevva Battery Management Module is a British-designed, British-made, high tech module that can be deployed to maximise the efficiency of any Lithium Iron Phosphate EV battery installation.

Tevva’s acquisition of this technology further enhances and accelerates its capability to innovate and integrate EV technologies, and to drive down manufacturing costs whilst improving performance.

Importance of Battery Tech to Britain’s Industrial Strategy

The UK’s Business Secretary, made clear in a recent interview on the BBC Today programme that battery technology was a key opportunity for UK scientists and businesses which could give the country a competitive advantage in line with the UK Government’s green paper ‘Building our
Industrial Strategy, January 2017’.

Tevva Motors, CEO, Asher Bennett, also commented: “Tevva is a technology focused company; our unique prodcut is the result of combining a range of technologies in a smarter way than has been done before to produce something that was not available before – an electric truck that can do the same work as a diesel. The more we generate and acquire in-house IP, the stronger and faster we become. This is a great step for Tevva but it’s still just one step, there will be many more and we expect to add further key technologies to our proprietary list during the current year.”

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