Charge points installed on Glasgow to Edinburgh trunk route

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EV charging point at Maxim Office Park

A business park between Edinburgh and Glasgow is serving increased demand for EV charging with high capacity rapid charging devices from eVolt.

eVolt UK has installed the first Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers along the M8 motorway to support EV drivers travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The two Rapid Chargers from eVolt are being hosted at Maxim Office Park, an extensive commercial and business park, selected by the Energy Saving Trust because of its ideal location between Scotland’s largest two cities. Maxim has restaurants and on-site catering services for drivers whilst they stop and charge their vehicles.

eVolt has installed two Raption 50kW Rapid Chargers and two eVolve 7kW Chargers in this new hub. The Rapid Chargers are capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously at full power in approximately 30 minutes. eVolt has worked continuously with the Energy Saving Trust since the funding programme began in 2012 and has now installed more than 130 Rapid Chargers across Scotland.

Maxim is hosting the units to further boost the ChargePlace Scotland network, which now has over 700 live charging units, and also to encourage on-site staff and visitors to consider electric vehicles. It will be one of only three locations in Scotland to host the top of the range EV chargers.

Craig Ritchie, Director at Maxim Office Park, said: “The Rapid Chargers are a great addition to the Park and our prominent location along one of Scotland’s busiest motorways will attract usage from motorists who commute between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“The Park already adopts eco-friendly measures including dedicated recycling points, biodiverse parklands and a comprehensive green travel plan, so hosting the EV chargers is another step towards Maxim being one of the greenest business parks in Scotland.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of eVolt UK says that: “The uptake of pure electric vehicles is growing twice as fast in Scotland as anywhere else in the UK.

“We are pleased, therefore, to be supporting drivers who are embracing sustainable E-Mobility by providing reliable charging technology where it is most needed.

“We hope that a strong and growing national network of charge points will encourage more drivers to consider a transition to an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle to reduce emissions.”

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