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The PA110 PUREair System engine protection system from Pall Aerospace for Bell Helicopter’s 407 and 206L families of helicopters has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The next generation PA110 PUREair System, co-developed by Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace, is a totally redesigned, re-engineered, and retested engine air protection system that takes the capabilities of its predecessors to the next level.  Featuring Pall’s latest PUREair vortex tube technology, the new system is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free, unlike other filtration systems qualified for this aircraft. The PA110 PUREair system provides the highest level of helicopter engine protection and significant reliability advantage over legacy sand filter systems allowing for operations with minimal power degradation and always on protection, unlike the legacy particle separator. The PA110 is suited for mild and harsh conditions alike allowing maximum aircraft availability with excellent all weather protection. The FAA certification adds to the original Canadian (TCCA) certification received earlier in 2016 and the PA110 will also undergo snow trials in Canada this winter to add full clearance for falling and blowing snow operations. EASA certification is expected in 2016 as well. “The Bell 206 and 407 family have had legacy Pall particle separator systems available as an option since the 1960’s and have been a trusted part of the aircraft by many for over forty years.  With the PA110 STC we are finally able to bring decades of advancements in Active Vortex Systems technology back to the operators of this ubiquitous aircraft.” Commented Angela Hubbard, Rotorcraft OEM Sales Manager for Pall.  “Our goal is to have Bell adopt the PA110 and sunset the legacy particle separator for new installations so new operators can take advantage of the new system from the factory.” The new PA110 system uses the latest advances in Pall Aerospace technology including 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimized system design and innovative nano-material technologies.  PUREair Vortex Systems enhance operations in all weather conditions, including snow, heavy rain, and salt spray.

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