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Vaisala is offering calibration services for its instruments for measuring carbon dioxide levels in food and medicine manufacturing.

Vaisala is expanding its ISO/IEC 17025 accredited carbon dioxide calibration services. In the initial phase, these will be offered for the Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide GMP250 Series. Later during 2018, the service will also be available for the Vaisala GMP220 Series.

The new accredited calibration service addresses the quality system requirements of demanding safety and manufacturing processes, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Accurate carbon dioxide measurement helps maintain correct pH-levels in cell cultivation and optimal indoor or process air. Incorrect readings may lead to costly and incorrect decisions or even danger to life in the most critical applications.

“Instrument calibration is important for any business using measurement data in decision-making. Even the best high-performance measurement instruments require regular calibration to ensure they continue to provide the most accurate data possible. The accredited calibration is very important especially to organisations working in the life sciences of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulated industries”, says Juha Ryödi, Head of Vaisala’s Life Cycle Services. “With this service expansion, organisations working in these strictly regulated industries or medical laboratories using the ISO 15189 requirements for quality and competence now have the optimal calibration system for their high quality Vaisala instruments. The usage of the manufacturer’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration service will assure the critical requirements for continuous accuracy set by the regulations.”

Vaisala’s accredited CO2 calibration service covers all the requirements set by the regulatory bodies, helping to ensure compliance and process quality. Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS), a member of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), audits Vaisala calibration services regularly by assessing the quality and management systems and the technical capabilities to perform the service, like measurement traceability to the international SI-units.

The accredited calibration provides a certificate with as-found and as-left results, which when needed includes a calibration curve adjustment to deliver the best accuracy. The Vaisala accredited calibration service comes standard with three calibration points to ensure the full functionality of the instrument over the sensor’s stated measurement range. Additionally, up to six customer specified calibration points can be added to cover operationally critical conditions.

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