Car maker sets target for fleet electrification

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Charging the twin engine Volvo S90 T8

Vehicle safety pioneer, Volvo is aiming to sell a million hybrid or fully electric vehicles by the middle of the next decade.

With a focus on sustainable transport into the future, Volvo Cars has published its new electrified car pledge in the company’s 2015 Sustainability Report, which states that by releasing its first all-electric car by 2019 and offering a minimum of two hybrid versions of each model in its range, the company will hit cumulative sales of 1 million hybrid or electric cars by 2025.

The pathway to achieving this target already started five years ago with an approach to vehicle architectures across its range that provides for more flexibility in selecting and deploying more drive train options more easily. The Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) is used on larger models and was used in the design of the Volvo 60 and 90 series of vehicles. Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) is used on smaller models like the Volvo 40 series. Both approaches cater for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Commenting on the deliberately ambitious target Volvo has set for itself, the company’s president and chief executive, Håkan Samuelsson said, “It is going to be a challenge, but Volvo wants to be at the forefront of this shift to electrification.”

The electrification pledge is just one of Volvo’s commmitments which also include pledges to impose climate neutral operations by 2025, have 35% of its leading positions held by women by 2020 and move further towards its vision that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.

Volvo states that sustainability is not something new and is an integral part of everything the company does. “This new sustainability commitment reflects Volvo Cars’ fundamental belief that we must grow responsibly,” concluded Håkan Samuelsson.

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