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Toyota connected vehicle framework strategy will see data communications modules installed in US models during 2017.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place this week in Las Vegas, Toyota has released its connected vehicle framework for enhanced, secure vehicle communications. At the heart of the framework is Toyota’s Data Communications Module (DCM) which will be installed in all new models in the US market from 2017 before expanding to other markets.

Initially highly regionalised based on cellular communications networks, Toyota sees the availability of a unified DCM for international markets being available as early as 2019. To support this ambition, the company is creating the necessary IT infrastructure for the Toyota Smart Center, which will include a new “Toyota Big Data Centre” (TBDC). This will analyse and process data collected by DCMs and use it to deploy services under high-level information security and privacy controls.

As part of its plans to achieve this, Toyota is also collaborating with UIEvolution (UIE) to create the middleware necessary to integrate vehicle communications with occupant smartphones in a manner that has high levels of security and doesn’t interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Toyota’s connected vehicle framework is aimed at creating accelerated growth in the provision of users with a fully connected car experience, whilst ensuring safety and data security. The company will also use the platform to provide automatic emergency notification which will inform the emergency services of a collision in which any of the vehicle air bags are deployed. In this respect, it will operate as a private sector version of the pan-European eCall and Russian ERA-GLONASS systems.

Commenting on the release of the connected vehicle framework at CES 2016, Toyota’s Shigeki Tomoyama said, “Car manufacturers can continue to offer additional value by proactively using rapidly evolving IT technologies. In particular, we want to provide our customers with a safe, secure and convenient mobility life.”

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