Calibration laboratory opens for acoustic instruments

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Paul Rubens of AcSoft
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AcSoft establishes new acoustic calibration laboratory in Bedford for GRAS measurement microphones and pre-amplifiers.

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of sound and vibration instrumentation and sensors for the aerospace, defence, automotive and telecommunications industries, AcSoft has established an Acoustic Calibration Laboratory at its new state-of-the-art office in Bedford.

With the first phase of the facility fully operational, the company is now able to offer on-site calibration of its GRAS measurement microphones and pre-amplifiers, as well as perform diagnostics and repairs.

AcSoft has appointed acoustics specialist Alejandro (Alex) Santana to head up the new calibration laboratory.

Paul Rubens, General Manager at AcSoft comments: “Calibrating microphones at regular intervals is a way to safeguard the quality of measurements and eliminate the costs caused by unreliable equipment.

He adds: “We have replicated the excellent calibration set up of GRAS Sound & Vibration in Denmark. Having a dedicated in-house acoustic calibration laboratory backed by Alex’s expertise and passion means we can offer fast turnaround times and a cost effective service.

“Going forward, we will be expanding the laboratory’s capabilities to include accelerometers and a wide range of sound level meters, analysers and dosimeters,” Paul concludes.

Depending on the application, measurement environment and internal quality control programmes, AcSoft recommends that microphones are calibrated at a dedicated acoustic calibration laboratory at least once a year.

All AcSoft’s measurements are traceable to national standards. It offers a full and cost effective multi-point frequency and sensitivity calibration for measurement microphones and pre-amplifiers.

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