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Chroma 62000D bidirectional power supplies for testing EV powertrain components

Chroma 62000D series of bidirectional DC power supplies ideal for high current testing of electric vehicle powertrain components.

The new series available from MDL provides two-quadrant operation with both programmable DC output and regenerative DC loading within a single unit.

High power components that can be tested include bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters and DC-AC motor drivers, as well as power conversion simulation tests of batteries in both directions.

Compliant with LV123 and LV148 standards for EV component testing, the 62000D has a very fast cross-quadrant bandwidth that produces a rapid transient response time as short as 1.5ms or less. A wide range of voltage and current combinations are available in constant power mode, and constant current and constant voltage modes are also available.

Across the range, maximum power is from 6kW to 18kW, with an industry leading power density of 18kW within a 3U rack height. Output current ratings are up to +/-540A, with voltage ratings up to 1800VDC. When greater power is required, master/slave capability enables up to ten of the units to operate in parallel to deliver up to 180kW.

Icons on the intuitive touch screen make it easy to carry out voltage/current settings and measurements, as well as program auto sequence control settings, preview output waveforms etc. A hundred programmable user settings are available in the units’ list mode. Control interface options include USB, LAN, CANbus and GPIB as well as analogue APG.

“As well as offering market leading performance, the compact but powerful 62000D is available at an affordable price,” said MDL managing director Mark Lucock.

In addition to the EV and HEV sector, the units could have applications in renewable energy systems such as home energy storage, as well as being invaluable in the development of motors, drives, inverters, batteries, fuel cells etc.

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