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Electric bike conversion kits can be fitted to any type of bicycle

Conversion kit can turn any bicycle into an eBike to take the strain out of commuting without emissions.

Tech-startup Swytch Technology has launched what it believes to be the world’s smallest and lightest eBike conversion kit, which reflects the growing demand for electric transport alternatives.

The Swytch Kit turns any bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike, for a fraction of the cost of a regular eBike. It consists of a lightweight motor wheel that replaces the original front wheel, and a compact power pack that fits on the handlebars. The total added weight is just 3kg and the power pack fits into the palm of your hand, hence the claim that it is the smallest and lightest in the world. It provides 250W of power-assist for up to 50 km electric range, with a top speed of around 15mph.

The concept behind the Swytch is to make transport more sustainable and accessible to everyone. Converting existing bikes to eBikes using a kit is significantly more environmentally friendly than building complete new eBikes. The company estimates the carbon footprint of building a brand new eBike is 300kg CO2e compared to just 40kg CO2e required to make one of their add-on electric bike kits.

According to Oliver Montague of Swytch Technology, the kit provides the means for anyone to achieve sustainable transport that’s fun to use. So far, the company has seen people of all ages and cycling abilities subscribe to the notion of eBike technology.

“We have seen older people purchasing the kit to help them reconnect with a sport they no longer thought they could enjoy, as well as being extremely popular with commuters and your average bike fanatics,” he says..

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