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Amphenol Battery Temperature Sensors

Electric Vehicles represent one of the applications for a range of temperature sensors used for monitoring the temperature of batteries.

A comprehensive new range of battery temperature sensing products from Amphenol Advanced Sensors for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles and industrial portable power applications can now be sourced in Europe through TTI. The range offers reliable and accurate temperature measurement, an issue that is critical to long-term battery performance. Products include negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors that combine high accuracy and temperature stability.

The accuracy, reliability and flexibility of this Amphenol Advanced Sensors range means it is used extensively in various guises for a wide range of applications.  It is ideal for measuring the surface temperature in battery cells, cases and packs, particularly where space is limited.  In addition, thin-film, flexible versions that conform to differing geometric shapes and sealed versions for insertion directly into coolants are also available.

The Amphenol range of automotive temperature sensors offers products with a proven, robust quality record for both engine management and battery temperature monitoring.  Products for heating and ventilation systems for both automotive and heavy-duty truck applications are also available.  The range is also used in marine and bike applications. For industrial applications, Amphenol offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of products available today that includes high temperature thermistors, gauge drivers, sensors and elements.  These provide reliable temperature sensing for many segments of the industrial market including the medical and telecommunication industries.

Customised versions can be designed to meet bespoke applications and a version is supplied that forms a remote data bridge for communication from battery management systems to Cloud- based control systems.

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