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Software company Wind River has entered into partnership agreements to provide IoT and autonomous vehicle expertise to the automotive industry.

Recognising the growing levels of connectivity and sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) requirements of the global automotive industry, embedded software specialist Wind River has entered into two new partnerships to position itself firmly within the sector.

Connected automotive consulting

The first partnership is with Roland Berger to provide expertise to enable automotive suppliers to intelligently navigate the software revolution that’s occurring in the industry.

To help them achieve this, Wind River will provide software management capability as well as architectural and engineering support from the strategy exploration phase to the proof-of-concept and production phases. Roland Berger will deliver key market insights, including trend and business analysis assessing strategy value and expected benefits, and help design new innovative business models.

From secure advanced driver assist system (ADAS) technologies to autonomous driving, Wind River’s extensive knowledge of design, software development, integration, lifecycle management services and support helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers to innovate and better manage the highly detailed requirements and certifications, complex software integration, and intricate project planning specific to the automotive industry.

Commenting on the importance of software in vehicle technology today, Wind River’s Marques McCammon said, “With the growth of the Internet of Things, increasingly complex software systems and a corresponding jump in safety and security requirements, the automotive industry is facing a slew of new challenges and is in a transitional period where the role of software has become ever more significant.”

Autonomous Driving

The company has also announced its collaborative partnership with technology integration company, Ricardo. Under the partnership agreement, Wind River will provide advanced automotive software systems whilst Ricardo will deliver expert integration with the physical vehicle systems.

Commenting on the ability of the partnership to deliver a single point of expertise for autonomous technology, Ricardo’s Director of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Lee Barnes said, “In order for autonomous driving to become a reality, there will be ongoing challenges around integration of technologies especially in the areas of algorithm development, sensor fusion and hardware integration. In order to meet these new needs, the automotive industry is racing to find the expertise missing from their existing portfolios.”

Marques McCammon continued by saying, “The rise of autonomous driving will continue to create new complexities that will demand not only more advanced software and physical vehicle systems but also intelligent connectivity within and outside of the car.”

“The combined expertise between Wind River and Ricardo can deliver trusted, safe, and secure technologies that will steer customers on the right path and successfully prepare for the future of autonomous driving,” he concluded.

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