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Huf North America has taken an MVG anechoic chamber as part of its plans to bring EMC testing of its automotive components in house.

The Microwave Vision Group (MVG)’s Partnership with Amplifier Research (AR) has enabled automotive component company Huf North America to obtain an overall turnkey system.

Huf develops and produces mechanical and electrical locking systems, tyre pressure monitoring systems and telematics for the automotive industry worldwide. Amongst its clients are renowned automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW or Ferrari.

On a regular basis, Huf needs to identify potential Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues or to confirm that there are no issues: RI test ability and lower background noise for RE for instance.

“Until 2016, we had been outsourcing our compliance tests but it was expensive and scheduling tests takes time. We wanted to reduce our product development time. At this stage, we felt we needed to build our own facility at our Farmington Hills lab, in which radiated emissions and radiated immunity testing could be performed”, explained Yipeng Tang, Hardware Engineer at Huf North America Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Corp.

Customised anechoic chamber for in-house testing

MVG has helped Huf to maximise the available space and budget to obtain the best existing system. It has built and installed a customised semi-anechoic chamber to allow EMC testing in-house and meet all the varied required standards. Then, Amplifier Research (AR) designed and integrated the EMC test system, which will be used to perform the testing inside the MVG chamber.

The expected benefits of having an on-site test facility at Huf are:

* Time-saving, as it removes the need to schedule testing at a commercial testing facility.
* Cost-effective, as the test chamber will serve all global Huf branches and will be used by the entire company.
* Confidentiality, as development tests will no longer involve third parties.
* Rapid feedback, as it will be possible to test, check, modify and re-test with no constraint.
* Quick validation, as compliance can be checked and verified when needed.
* Full compliance will be ensured.

It is the first case for which MVG’s partnership with Amplifier Research (AR) has enabled a US client to obtain a complete turnkey approach for an overall test system and anechoic chamber. This is the concrete result of AR and MVG’s strong relationship and ability to combine their product lines and knowledge to offer a one stop shop of quality, tailored, EMC systems.

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