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AB Dynamics ANVH 250 axle-level NVH test rig gains innovation award

The ANVH 250 from AB Dynamics has received a Vehicle Dynamics International award for its ability to help vehicle dynamicists with modern EV design.

The innovative ANVH 250 axle-level NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) test rig from automotive engineering specialist AB Dynamics, has won the ‘Development Tool of the Year’ category at the Vehicle Dynamics International Awards 2020.

The Development Tool of the Year award was set up to recognise innovation in creating tools that help vehicle dynamicists achieve automotive excellence.

Launched in June 2019 and using AB Dynamics’ exclusive linear electric actuator technology to provide its operating frequency range, the ANVH 250 allows manufacturers to identify NVH issues earlier in the design process, thus reducing costs and time to market.

Vehicle Dynamics International’s judging panel praised AB Dynamics’ ANVH 250 for the significant advance it offered in automotive NVH design, highlighting its ability to reduce overall vehicle cost and accelerate product time-to-market. The assessment of a suspension at the early design stage over such a large frequency range helps avoid expensive NVH fixes at the later stages of a vehicle development programme.

On receiving the award, Edward Haynes, Chief Engineer of Electric Actuators at AB Dynamics, said: “We’re exceptionally pleased for our work with the ANVH 250 to be recognised, especially as its design represents a significant breakthrough in NVH testing for passenger, commercial and electric vehicle applications.”

With electrified powertrains becoming increasingly common and their near silent characteristics highlighting NVH issues that would otherwise be masked by a conventional drivetrain, there is an ever-growing and succinct need for a highly advanced test rig like the ANVH 250.

“As the Vehicle Dynamics International award has confirmed, once again, AB Dynamics is ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting the fast-evolving testing requirements of the automotive industry,” concludes Haynes.

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