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Static simulator features VI-CarRealTime and the TameTire software

VI-grade and Michelin are combining their expertise in the use of simulation products for improved development of automotive tyres.

VI-grade is collaborating with European tyre manufacturer Michelin. The cooperation aims at integrating TameTire, a thermo-mechanical simulator developed by Michelin on the basis of tyre physics, with VI-CarRealTime, VI-grade’s flagship product for real-time automotive simulations.

Tyre modelling is an ever-growing field of interest for vehicles. This is because ever more efficient development processes in terms of time and resources are required, and vehicle simulations enable development teams to predict tyre and vehicle performance before building a physical prototype. For this reason, Michelin has developed TameTire on the basis of its motor sports research. The objective is to calculate a tyre’s thermal and transient state as well as its forces and torques in both offline and online real-time environments. Additionally, in order to better develop and fine-tune the functions of TameTire, Michelin has acquired a static driving simulator from VI-grade and installed it at its premises in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

“The possibility of using TameTire and VI-CarRealTime together will satisfy the needs of our customers for reliable vehicle models and accurate tyre models,” say Guido Bairati, International Sales Director, VI-grade, and Mathieu Grob, TameTire and Driving Simulator Expert, Michelin. “As a result of this extended cooperation, Michelin and VI-grade are looking forward to delivering an advanced simulation system to our customers with the aim of further improving the accuracy and completeness of our real-time automotive models.”

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