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Alstom acquisition results in automation and control platform for performance improvements and monitoring of industrial and energy generation systems.

After acquiring Alstom, GE has formed its new Automation & Controls platform. The new platform enables customers to connect their machines, data and people for better, faster, safer and more reliable performance. The comprehensive portfolio of automation and controls products provides the foundation to enable the collection of data from assets and processes and helps customers use that data to derive actionable insights.

“Our single focus is to connect our customers’ data to amazing analytics, helping them solve their most complicated business challenges,” explained Jim Walsh, CEO of GE Automation & Controls. “The deployment of our automation and controls products has helped our industrial customers achieve significant results, such as 98% online availability, 25% increased fleet efficiency and $5 million to $10 million in savings every year. With these levels of productivity and efficiency gains, they are able to provide more accessible, affordable and sustainable power and services to consumers worldwide.”

The products included in GE’s Automation & Controls platform, including industrial software, distributed control systems and process safety systems, control, automate and optimise the processes that power the world. GE’s Automation & Controls technology controls and monitors thousands of assets worldwide every day. In fact, GE receives more than 20,000 signals every minute. Examples of these deployments include:

* Automating the processes that generate half of the world’s power.
* Keeping oil production safe by controlling a quarter of the world’s blowout preventers.
* Getting people where the need to go, safely and on time in a third of the world’s major metro systems.

In addition to high-performance products, GE Automation & Controls provides customers with best-in-class support services including a global network of professionals with application and industry-specific expertise, 24/7 emergency support, online case management and more. Customers can tap into the collective expertise of GE engineers, solution architects, consultants, domain experts and third-party partners to seamlessly integrate, deploy and maintain advanced technology in their business environment.

“By combining our technology, services and domain expertise, we are able to provide a total plant system to deliver an integrated experience,” said Walsh. “As such, customers can use a complete, modular system from a single partner, something we know they need in today’s operational environment.”

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