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Oasis may benefit from augmented VR HUD

A collaborative project is underway to develop full width augmented reality windscreen head-up displays for the automotive market.

HARMAN and Swiss developer of Holographic AR displays, WayRay, are collaborating on the development of a wide view angle full windscreen head-up display proof of concept for the automotive market. WayRay specialises in the innovative use of holographic optical elements that enable an augmented reality (AR) projection system that is significantly more compact than traditional mirror and lens based projection technology and allows for high-resolution projection in direct line of sight of the driver particularly for ADAS applications such as augmented navigation.

WayRay technologies allow the widescreen to be a new medium for information. An augmented reality system, it is the first method to use true holographic technology and deliver contextually relevant information to drivers whilst also being able to provide engaging entertainment for passengers simultaneously.

“HARMAN’s collaboration with WayRay is another example of our relentless drive to deliver seamless, integrated, connected and safer experiences in the car,” said Phil Eyler, president HARMAN Connected Car. “HARMAN is committed to driving innovation across the industry to deliver the needs of automotive manufacturers and their drivers and passengers.”

“Holographic displays offer the opportunity to make self-driving vehicles safer and more reassuring for passengers,” said Vitaly Ponomarev, CEO and Founder of WayRay. “By providing visualisations of what is happening around the car, how it’s riding and relevant points of interest along your route, passengers are kept fully informed about the drive, even if they’re not actually driving.”

Development video of the full scree HUD is shown below:

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