Augmented reality brings hidden assets to the surface

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Augmented reality brings hidden infrastructure data to the surface

Development work on augmented reality provides engineers with a visualisation tool for hidden infrastructure.

The development of Augmented Reality as a tool to manage and visualise hidden infrastructure assets has taken a step forward work carried out by geospatial specialist, MGISS and vGIS to convert traditional GIS (Geographic Information System), BIM (Building Information Modelling) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) data into Augmented Reality visualisations.

The new technology provides an interactive representation of an environment where objects under investigation such as underground pipes can be displayed and enhanced with additional intelligence such as attribute information and maintenance records.

The need for improved spatial data quality in the utility, infrastructure and environment sectors let to MGISS developing the capability to communicate complex, asset dense, 3D environments in an easy to consume way. This is achieved by combining survey grade positions and associated data with consumer grade hardware to give users access to Augmented Reality visualisations from any suitable smart device.

Using the system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects, improving environmental assessments and increasing situational awareness.

According to Mike Darracott of MGISS, initiatives such as digital twinning and the expectation of continued normal operations require the capture and representation of increasingly complex real-world environments. “Asset owners and operators face the need to improve safety, reduce risk and ensure what lies beneath our feet meets future infrastructure needs,” he says.

According to Alec Pestov of vGIS, by helping people users visualise data in more intuitive ways, they gain new insights and can subsequently do more with that information.

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