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Testconsult and Strainstall incorporated into JFTS to delivery combined test and structural health monitoing services.

James Fisher Testing Services Ltd (JFTS) has been launched with the aim of delivering streamlined asset management services for its customers, with the rebrand of Testconsult and the incorporation of Strainstall UK’s structural health monitoring division.

Since James Fisher acquired Testconsult in 2014, the company has continued to develop its products and service capabilities; underlining its position as a major provider of specialist testing services and structural health monitoring of high-value and safety-critical assets, across multiple global market sectors.

As part of this continued development, James Fisher is delighted to announce the new corporate identity of James Fisher Testing Services, which will reflect not only a tradition of excellence, but also the growth and future ambition of the organisation – to help customers maximise productivity and safely extend asset life, through the use of innovative and highly accurate testing and monitoring.

This combined focus of specialist testing and structural health monitoring capabilities will enable James Fisher Testing Services to meet the challenges and technically demanding needs of its customers. JFTS supports complex infrastructure projects throughout the asset lifecycle, from base line materials testing, to the design and installation of long term monitoring systems and periodic structural investigations. Cutting edge data management capability assists asset owners and operators to make timely and cost effective decisions throughout and at the end of asset life.

This end-to-end asset management capability will be further enhanced with the incorporation of Strainstall’s well-established expertise in the design and implementation of structural health monitoring systems. The result will deliver a streamlined, effective and enhanced customer experience through a complementary product and service offering for customers around the world.

Strainstall, part of the James Fisher group since 2006, will continue to focus on its core capabilities of specialist load monitoring products and bespoke integrated systems for the marine and offshore oil and gas and renewables industries.

Rob Butler, managing director of James Fisher Testing Services explains: “The new James Fisher Testing Services organisation brings together a wealth of testing and monitoring expertise and aims to make it easier for our customers to interact with us, by reducing complexity and streamlining our products and services to better serve their needs.

“It represents the next logical step for us in providing customers with the whole of life insight and risk management tools that deliver a sustainable, integrated approach to strategic asset management thinking.”

Simon Everett, managing director of Strainstall, adds: “Customers will really benefit from the integration of Strainstall’s structural health monitoring capabilities with Testconsult, which will offer increased synergies through a greater breadth of capability as well as increased knowledge sharing, experience and expertise.

“This restructure also provides Strainstall with the opportunity to focus on its core capabilities of specialist and bespoke load monitoring systems and equipment.”

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