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One click charging apps for electric vehicle owners contribute to a more intelligent infrastructure to support sustainable transport.

Bosch is offering one-click charging apps to provide easier access to charging stations for motorists in Germany and by doing so, the company says that it is making electromobility more accessible and practical for people in the country.

The app enables drivers to find charging stations in the area where they are and to use them easily. To do this, Bosch has worked with both vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure service providers since, in order for it to work correctly, it needs support and cooperation from all those involved in the charging process.

So far, the app is available free of charge to Mercedes amd Smart with Renault owners soon to also benefit from the technology. Additionally, throughout Germany, there are over 3500 public charging points that are linked into the app, forming the basis for cars and charging points to become nodes on the internet of things (IoT). According to Dr Volkmar Denner of Bosch, “The connected electric car is the best electric car.”

As part of the infrastructure network, Bosch has signed up with a number of charge point operators to enable users to used these facilities without the need for cash. All they need to do is to sign-up a one-off registration process and have a paypal account, which can be used securely through the app itself.

Charging stations as part of the IoT

The new apps from Bosch are an example of an IoT application in which intelligent objects are connected together. With this technology, Bosch is laying the foundation for bringing together various players such as automotive manufacturers, charge point operators, energy providers, retailers and electric car drivers on a single software platform.

But what customers do not see is the powerful network of systems behind the app that are connected with one another in real time. The cloud-enabled Bosch IoT Suite software package for the development of IoT applications forms the technological basis for the charging apps. It incorporates a broad range of regional electricity and charge point providers, in addition to the intercharge eRoaming platform and the partnered services that ensure convenient payment functionality.

“With the charging apps, we are bringing the Internet of Things and electromobility together. To us this is the perfect combination, since we have been actively promoting new developments in both of these areas for several years now,” says Kai Weber, product manager at Bosch Software Innovations.

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