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MAC Solutions FlexThink Conference

eWON and MAC Solutions have held their first conference for machine builders on the development of the IIoT and Industry 4.0.

A conference held in Birmingham for machine builders and systems integrators looking to improve their knowledge of data-centric, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems and emerging technologies proved a resounding success with attendees.

The first ever eWON MAC FlexThink Conference 2016 was co-hosted by Industrial Data Communication and M2M specialist MAC Solutions and eWON, a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and designer of the Talk2M cloud-based remote access service.

The goal of the conference, which took place on 25th May 2016 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham, was to expand the horizons for systems integrators and machine developers by improving their knowledge and understanding of eWON remote-data applications. The speaker programme included a keynote session from Nick Frank of Growth Stages on “growing your business through IoT and service thinking”, which was well received by attendees. Other presentations that scored highly with delegates were IIoT Security; eWON’s IIoT router developer platform; and a presentation on eWON’s vision for Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Overall, the speaker programme left conference attendees with a better understanding of the realities of Industrial IoT and how these technologies can be applied to their own business.

Dave Hammond, Product Manager Ethernet & Communications at MAC Solutions commented: “Everyone is talking about the Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] and Industry 4.0. For eWON and MAC Solutions, these are no longer just buzzwords, but a reality. We are in a new era today, where people, data and intelligent machines are able to interact and share data, with far-reaching impact on industrial productivity. Remote control of industrial assets and machines is already happening around the world, with dashboards set up for remote devices with data polling or push mechanisms. The conference showed attendees that IIoT cloud-based infrastructures are also secure, reliable and scalable.”

FlexThink is an annual conference organised by eWON and HMS with inspirational talks and hands-on learning. The conference is a unique opportunity to hear more about how IIoT can be made real and to learn how to unlock remote data from your machines.

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