Alumina ceramic stylus stems for CMM equipment

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High-precision alumina ceramic stylus stems

Renishaw is using stylus stems using innovative materials from Morgan for use on its range of coordinate measurement machines.

A long-term supplier relationship between Morgan Advanced Materials and Renishaw, a company specialising in industrial metrology and spectroscopy, continues to go from strength to strength.

For more than a quarter of a century, Morgan has helped ensure accuracy in the measurement of complex shapes through its ability to supply high-precision alumina ceramic stylus stems for touch trigger probes used for a variety of specialist applications.

In order to ensure optimal component performance and that components will fit where they need to, high-accuracy verification is needed and high-quality measurement tools are a fundamental part of this process.

Used in product development, manufacturing and assembly, the role of a touch trigger probe is to measure the physical geometric characteristics of complex objects including products and tooling. Attached to co-ordinate measurement machines (CMMs) or high-speed computer controlled machines providing in-process measurement, the probe measures points on the surface of an object according to a three-dimensional coordinate system. As the contact probe moves around the object, it feeds back co-ordinate data which allows the system to register the position and quantify the geometrical properties of the object to high levels of accuracy. This builds into a detailed virtual representation of the object for comparison against CAD and 3D models and provides measurement data for analysis.

Drawing on the company’s extensive experience in the field of advanced ceramic material technology, Morgan’s alumina materials offer high stiffness and are lightweight, inert, non-magnetic and more stable during temperature fluctuations due to a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Morgan’s ceramic stylus stems also provide crash damage protection to high-value measuring systems. The alumina stem is designed to break in the event of a program setting error.

Over the course of the relationship, Morgan has continuously proven itself to be a valued supplier, in more ways than one. Not only has Morgan provided a high-quality critical product to Renishaw, it has done so reliably and consistently, maintaining it’s ‘A’ grade supplier status over the last 20 years. Perhaps more impressive though has been Morgan’s flexibility and willingness to meet Renishaw’s ever-evolving requirements; it now produces thousands of parts per year for Renishaw, whose presence within the engineering sector continues to increase, and is set to grow further. That the relationship has lasted this length of time is testament to Morgan’s ability to deliver first-class products which harness cutting-edge ceramic material technology. It also speaks volumes about the quality of the working relationship between the two businesses and Renishaw’s loyalty to Morgan.

Oliver Ridd, International Sales & New Business Development Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials, commented: “The relationship between Morgan and Renishaw showcases the best in material science innovation. We work hard to understand our customers’ requirements as this is what allows us to develop optimised, cost effective products which help overcome their most demanding and technical challenges.”

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