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ATS Candlestick Sensor

Candlestick sensors are available for the accurate measurement of air temperature and velocity for electronic system thermal characterisation.

Advanced Thermal Solutions is now providing a base-and-stem candlestick sensor for simultaneously measuring air temperature and velocity when characterising thermal conditions inside electronic systems.

The Candlestick sensor is narrow and has a low profile with available heights of 9, 12 and 20mm. These features minimise the disturbance of airborne heat flow in the test domain for more precise measurements.

The use of a single sensor to measure both temperature and velocity eliminates errors that can occur when airflow is non-isothermal. Multiple Candlestick sensors can be used to thoroughly map an entire system’s thermal and airflow conditions. The sensors’ robust nature allows for continuous repositioning and reading. Their all plastic design prevents electronic shorting.

Candlestick sensors are calibrated for low (natural convection) and high velocity flows. They are capable of temperature measurements ranging from -20 to +120C with an accuracy of ±1C. Velocity measurements range from 0 to 50m/s (0 to 10,000ft/min) at ±2% accuracy, depending on the particular model of sensor.

The base diameter for all Candlestick sensor models is 9.5mm. The stem diameter is 0.5mm and bead diameter is 1.1mm. Double-sided adhesive is available for long term mounting. Wire lengths are available up to 30 meters.

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