Advanced cybersecurity training facility opens in Maryland

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Elbit Systems opens state-of-the-art cyber range in Maryland for training security professionals in foiling critical infrastructure attacks.

Baltimore Cyber Range and Cyberbit are opening the Baltimore Cyber Range (BCR) cybersecurity training and simulation centre in Baltimore, Maryland. Powered by the Cyberbit Range platform, this hands-on cybersecurity training centre will provide simulation training for cybersecurity professionals in protecting national assets and infrastructure against cyberattacks. The opening comes 10 months after the project was announced during Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s trade mission to Israel in September 2016.

Labour statistics highlight a critical shortage of capable IT and cybersecurity professionals. Data shows that more than 200,000 US cybersecurity jobs are currently unfilled and the shortage is projected to grow to more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2019. This shortage presents a workforce issue for Maryland employers and Governments and creates employment opportunities for local residents possessing appropriate cybersecurity skills. However, the principles of the facility go wider than the local community with such centres being capable of providing much-needed training across the country and globally.

The BCR represents a significant advancement in cyber training technology, a state-of-the-art cybersecurity training centre. Making use of the Cyberbit Range platform, the BCR facility allows cybersecurity practitioners the opportunity to experience the latest real-world cyber threats in a controlled and sequestered environment to improve their hands-on skills. The range, which can simulate large-scale virtual networks and attacks based on real-world incidents, can also pinpoint system vulnerabilities and help users develop countermeasures and improved protocols for dealing with cyber-attacks on critical network systems. As a result, cybersecurity practitioners benefit from receiving real-time training for threat detection and the response process, enabling them to dramatically improve the performance of all security and SOC teams. Individuals will also benefit from the opportunity to accelerate their security certifications.

“Working with Cyberbit and Governor Hogan’s administration to bring this new cyber training technology to Maryland has been an unbelievable opportunity,” said Michael Doyle, President of Baltimore Cyber Range. “The range has demonstrated the potential to dramatically improve the skills and experience of those working to protect our national IT infrastructure. It also represents a key element of our ongoing efforts to provide the local workforce with the skills and knowledge required to address the skilled cybersecurity workforce shortage.”

“We congratulate the Baltimore Cyber Range and the State of Maryland for opening the new training and simulation facility today,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “We see a rapidly-growing need for hands-on cybersecurity training in private and public-sector organisations worldwide, and are excited to see the Baltimore Range pioneering this activity in Maryland.”

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