Additive manufacturing provides USA with nasal swabs

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3D printed nasal swabs to be provided to US healthcare and testing centres

Struggling American healthcare providers gain boost in virus testing capabilities using 3D printed nasal swabs.

In response to the urgent requirement for COVID-19 testing equipment in the USA, additive manufacturing specialist Stratasys has partnered with Origin to deliver 3D-printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to healthcare providers and other testing centres in the pandemic hit country.

The widespread testing of millions of people is currently hampered by a shortage of testing supplies. Each Origin One 3D printer has the ability to produce batches of 1,500 Origin NP O1 Swabs at a time across shifts throughout the day. With multiple machines available, production capacity has been estimated at over a million swabs per week.

The latest move follows work that Stratasys has already been engaged in to provide 3D-printed face shields to nearly 100 healthcare providers with around 40,000 shields having already been supplied at no cost to health systems. 3D Printing has been used extensively in recent weeks in response to the global healthcare crisis as a means of rapidly producing production grade products without the longer lead times associated with setting up production tooling. Whilst volume production capability is low with additive manufacturing, it brings significant speed advantages during crises.

The Origin NP O1 Swab is autoclavable and individually packaged.

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