Active vehicle safety demonstrations at CES 2016

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Autoliv is attending the Consumer Electronics Show in January to demonstrate the latest developments in active vehicle safety technology.

Appearing for the first time at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), vehicle safety specialist Autoliv will be providing show attendees with insights into how the technology of active vehicle safety is being applied as vehicles transform from being a large capital purchase to more of a consumer commodity.

Autoliv recognises the fact that the average consumer of technology spends large amounts of their day sat in a vehicle in traffic and that safety technology is an important part of the show. Commenting on its appearance at CES 2016, Autoliv’s CEO, Jan Carlson said, “We want to signal to neighbouring technology sectors that the future in automotive safety lies in different parties coming together to further improve road safety for the future.”

The company’s “Real Life Safety” focus is centred on collaborating with vehicle manufacturers and others to take a proactive approach to improving vehicle functions and safety. Systems on display at CES 2016 which fall under the company’s “Real Life Safety” banner include a 3rd generation night vision system that provides clarity for identifying traffic hazards, humans and animals either during the hours of darkness or in low visibility conditions such as fog. 3D vision systems from Autoliv also provide vehicles with any level of autonomy with the ability to recognise hazards that crop up on the roads in unexpected situations.

Computer vision systems developed by Autoliv are available now in production active safety systems which save lives daily, such as the mono-vision camera used in the latest Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) applications

Also on show at CES 2016 will be Autoliv’s ZForce Intuitive steering wheel and electronic horizon as well as radar system applications including the radar based AEB system and the Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Braking (RCTA+) system which uses 77GHz radar to detect vehicles, humans and animals moving across the path of the vehicle during reversing maneouvres.

All of these developments in active vehicle safety are equally applicable to today’s fleet of cars as well as being crucial to the future development of autonomous vehicles.

Commenting on the company’s inaugural appearance at CES 2016, Autoliv’s head of the electronics division, Frank Melzer said, “At CES, we will showcase our engineering progress, simulation methods and product testing methods by providing live demonstrations of seven of our latest Real Life Safety systems.”

“Our vision is to save more lives and, through our Real Life Safety focus, our vision is becoming a reality,” Frank Melzer concluded.

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