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Haptic pedal warns of approaching hazards

Providing haptic feedback to the driver through pedal vibrations could help improve fuel economy as well as give warnings of impending danger.

With heavy-footed drivers pushing their fuel consumption up by as much as a quarter through excess pedal pressure, technical assistance will soon be available in the shape of an accelerator pedal from Bosch that provides tactile feedback when it’s being pressed too hard or when the acceleration and economy curves have already crossed and the driver needs to change up a gear.

However, with smart integration with advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), the pedal can also provide feedback regarding potentially dangerous situations that can be avoided. Coupled with the navigation system or a camera that recognises road signs, the innovative Bosch accelerator pedal gives drivers a haptic warning signal if, for example, they are approaching a dangerous bend at too high a speed.

Another example is its integration with collision warning systems with which the pedal can create a vibrating signal warning drivers not to accelerate any further. A simple change to the software settings is all that is needed to tailor the type and force of haptic feedback to the specifications of vehicle manufacturers.

Internet connectivity opens up even more possibilities. The Bosch innovation is already designed for cars that are connected with their surroundings. And via the vibrating pedal, the connected car will pass on warnings about dangerous situations such as wrong-way drivers, unexpected congestion, crossing traffic and other hazards along the planned route to the person at the wheel.

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