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The acquisition of CST by Dassault Systèmes could ease the EMC burden on design engineers working on highly connected products, according to Andy Pye.

EMC test houses and certification bodies are always encouraging design and manufacturing engineers to consider electromagnetic effects from the outset, in order to avoid later test failures at a stage in the product cycle that makes it difficult and expensive to perform remedial re-design work.-

One product, CST Studio Suite from Frankfurt based Computer Simulation Technology, provides a means of doing this by performing full spectrum EM simulation, with which design engineers can alter electrical parameters, antenna position, wiring layouts and other design aspects, as well as simulate the electromagnetic effect.

Already well-established with a wide user base in the transport and mobility industries as well as in aerospace and defence, CST Studio Suite is about to find new markets and a wider reach. This is due to an agreement that the company has just reached with Dassault Systèmes for the design software and product lifecycle management giant to acquire CST.

Integrating EM simulation into design

Once the EUR 220 million acquisition is complete, Dassault Systèmes will integrate CST’s full spectrum EM simulation software onto the 3DEXPRERIENCE platform to provide a full range of realistic multi-physics simulation components and enable the evaluation of all types of EM effects during every stage of electronic system design processes.

Commenting on the acquisition agreement and what it will mean to designers, CST’s Bernhard Wagner says “Designers are having to overcome formidable design hurdles and multi-physics has to be increasingly addressed as part of the design process, in order to develop the most robust products and systems. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the ideal foundation upon which we can pursue our vision of combining our technologies to set the industry standard for realistic simulation,” he said.

Simulation for the IoT

A considerable proportion of the design challenges being faced is in the field of smart and connected products, a burgeoning industry that will swell significantly with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) both in consumer markets and as part of connected industry, a market which is hard to ignore and one that Dassault Systèmes has firmly in its cross-hairs.

According to Bernard Charlès, the company’s Vice Chairman and CEO, the acquisition of CST is part of the Dassault mission to enable the acceleration of innovation using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Meeting the needs of the connected world is an important part of that.

“Electromagnetism is an essential part of a multi-physics simulation strategy for the development of smart and connected products, including IoT devices, and ensuring the performance, reliability and safety of their interactions with their surrounding environment,” he said.

3DEXPERIENCE is a platform that integrates design tools, such as 3D modelling, analysis, simulation and intelligence software, in a collaborative interactive environment and is available in an on-premises version or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in the cloud.

Its multi-physics simulation suite currently addresses structural mechanics, multi-body systems, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. The addition of CST Studio Suite will meet the needs of a growing market that, according to Dassault Systèmes, is currently worth $600 million.

Using the integrated multi-physics product, customers will be able to quickly create and analyse high-fidelity electromagnetic behavioural models that simulate electronic, antenna, electrical device and electromechanical product functions across all frequencies and length scales, as well as access the design synthesis and simulation tools needed for intricate electronic systems design.

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