3D printed EMC protection for flexible circuits

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Optomec is demonstrating its Aerosol Jet additive manufacturing system for 3D printing of electromagnetic protection on flexible electronic circuits.

Optomec is at the SEMI Flex conference in Monterey, California this week, demonstrating its Aerosol Jet systems for 3D production-grade printed electronics. In addition to the exhibition, Dr. Kurt Christenson, Optomec Senior Scientist, is using the event to deliver a presentation entitled “Electromagnetic Shielding of Flexible Devices”.

In his presentation, Dr Christenson discusses how electronic circuits often require electromagnetic shielding to suppress radiated emissions from the circuit, and to protect the circuit against interference from external and internal electromagnetic sources. This is particularly true when devices contain both transmitting and receiving functions. The rigid, sheet-metal shells traditionally used for electromagnetic shielding cannot be used with flexible circuits. Dr. Christenson will describe how Aerosol Jet technology is able to deposit a film of conductive material around the perimeter of die, contacts and connections to flex circuits to form printed electromagnetic shielding barriers on both thin, flexible devices and thicker, rigid devices.

The 2018 FLEX conference is co-located with MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC). This partnership adds a deeper dimension to the technical and business base of the event. For the past 17 years, the Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition has been witnessing flexible hybrid electronics grow from a newly established technology to a rapidly developing technology leading changes in IoT, smart medtech, smart automotive, smart manufacturing and more.

Optomec supplies Additive Manufacturing systems, including the Aerosol Jet Systems for printed electronics and LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) 3D Printers for metal components. Together, these printing systems work with the broadest spectrum of functional materials, ranging from electronic inks to structural metals and even biological matter.

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