3-Phase Power Supply Qualifies for Heavy Aviation

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Heavy lift military aircraft have demanding requirements on stable, reliable AC/DC conversion systems

AC-to-DC power conversion System is now available with 11.2 kW of 28 VDC regulated output power for aviation applications.

American power engineering specialist, Marotta Controls has achieved final qualification of the PS11200 power converter, the fourth variant in the 1-STEP product range for power conversion applications. This switch mode power supply (SMPS) offers 11,200 Watts of fully isolated output power with 91 percent efficiency at full load. It is designed to replace legacy 400 amp systems that generally produce unregulated or loosely regulated power in a larger footprint.

Marotta has also confirmed that the PS11200 has passed all necessary qualification tests to ensure the power converter’s reliability and performance within rugged environments commonly presented by heavy-lift military or defence aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules cargo aeroplanes and the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters as well as unmanned aerial vehicles.

3-Phase AC Power Conversion

Historically, multiple steps are required to convert 3-phase AC input power to an isolated and regulated DC output with power factor correction. Each conversion step adds its own complexity and components, contributing to a loss of efficiency as well as an increase in bulk and hence weight. In turn, designers ultimately make difficult trade-offs in size, weight, power and cost outcomes. The 1-STEP range of AC-DC converter were designed to minimise these compromises for the aerospace industry, where it is often hard to effectively trade-off between size, weight and power.

A 1-STEP converter is an innovative power device that achieves active power factor correction (APFC), output voltage regulation and electrical isolation in a single conversion step. Delivered in a compact light-weight package that can be up to 30 percent lighter than similar instruments, it meets key military and commercial avionic standards while delivering increased efficiency and power density.

According to Michael Germinario, Senior Technical Director at Marotta Controls, the company first launched the product family in 2016 in order to meet a wide range of aerospace, ground and marine systems and equipment requirements for regulated DC power.

“But up to that point, available systems had been cumbersome and costly. End users were searching for an alternative that would efficiently result in a 3-phase system that delivers unparalleled power density in a simplified design capable of supporting a wide range of output power. The PS11200 now fulfils that need by bringing technical innovation to heavier load power conversion applications,” he says.

With an input 3-phase voltage of 115 VAC within a frequency range of 50 – 800 Hz, the PS11200 power converter weighs in at 34lb (15.4Kg) and results in an output voltage of 28 VDC ± 1% with a power factor correction greater than 0.95 at half to full load, meeting the power quality requirements of MIL-STD-704A-F.

The PS11200 is part of the 1-STEP product family that includes 1500 and 2600W models at 270VDC and a 3500W model at 28VDC.

The device has passed qualification testing against the Military EMC standard MIL-STD-461-G for conducted and radiated emissions as applied to electrical equipment installed in fixed wing naval or air force aircraft.

Similarly, it has successfully undergone environmental testing to MIL-STD-810F and has an operating temperature range between -51°C and 71°C up to an altitude of 35,000 feet. It has been through 20g 11ms shock tests and vibration testing at 5.4grms, 20-2000Hz with 81Hz harmonic peaks.

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